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Share your headache data with your doctor.

You can help your doctor help you by gathering the number of headaches, medication usage, and disability. The iHeadache online headache diary can help you gather this information. iHeadache can also help properly classify your headaches and produces reports that you and your physician can use to properly diagnose your headache, determine if prevention is warranted, and to determine, over time, if therapy is working.

If your doctor is a registered for iHeadache MD, our healthcare professional portal, you can give him or her access to your data. When you add details about your headaches, you record important information such as the acute treatments you use, headache triggers, and how long the headache lasted. If you are tracking preventative treatments then your physician can see when you increased the dose, started or stopped a treatment.

If you've given your doctor access to your iHeadache data, he or she can cut and paste data from the reports into your electronic medical record (EMR) or print it for your paper chart. Using the iHeadache calendar, your doctor can see up to a year of data at a glance. Helathcare professionals using iHeadache MD can setup their own profile so when they generate your headache diary report, it is exactly the way they want to see it.


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  • keyTake control

    iHeadache is a comprehensive electronic headache diary that tracks how many headaches you are having, your disability, medication usage, triggers, pain and more.

  • toolsGet the tools

    Originally developed for the iPhone and BlackBerry, iHeadache is now available online. Your data is available, at a glance or in detail, when you need it.

  • doctorInvolve your doctor

    Share your data with your doctor to optimize your treatment plan. Accurate headache tracking helps you and your doctor determine what works and what doesn't.