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iHeadache Online FAQs

info Note: This page is specifically for frequently asked questions about iHeadache Online (our web-based headache diary). Looking for FAQs about the iHeadache App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? Click Here

Q: How much does it cost to use iHeadache Online?
A: We want our products to be accessible by as many people as possible. Right now there is not a fee to use iHeadache Online (we also have a free ad-supported version of iHeadache App on the Apple App Store). We plan to support iHeadache Online and continue future development by having advertising on the site or partnering with a commercial sponsor. If advertising does not generate enough income to support the app or we do not sign up a commercial sponsor then we may have to charge a small fee in the future but we hope to avoid this and keep iHeadache available for fee forever!

We feel that it is also important to convey that we have a very small team of extremely dedicated people who have spent thousand of hours developing iHeadache App and iHeadache Online and have received very little payment or profit from the app. The first version of iHeadache App was developed with personal funding and all proceeds to date have been used to further develop iHeadache App and iHeadache Online or have been donated to medical research.

Q: Does iHeadache Online sync with the iHeadache App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will my headache data be shown in both diaries?
A: The iHeadache App and iHeadache Online do not sync at this time therefore data that you enter in the app will not be available in iHeadache Online.  iHeadache Online is currently available as a beta site so that users can test it and report any bugs or errors that they find. We anticipate adding the sync functionality once the site has been fully tested.

iHeadache does not have a commercial sponsor at this time so new functionality such as this may be delayed until funding is received. If you would like to donate to iHeadache and support future development then click here.

Q: Can I login to iHeadache Online from my cell phone or other mobile device?
A: We encourage you to try to use iHeadache Online from your mobile device. There may be some features that do not work properly but the majority of the site works fine on iPads and iPhones. We have not tested the site from an Android, BlackBerry or Windows device. We are considering developing a mobile enhanced version of iHeadache Online that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices but this will not happen unless we happen to get commercial sponsorship or support.

Q: Are the iHeadache reports easy to understand?
A: The reports are written with the intent that your physician will analyze the data and utilize it in order to optimize your treatment plan. However, we want the patient to find them useful too. They are formatted so that the data is summarized, clearly labeled, easy to read and easy to understand. View a sample report.

Q: How do I access the reports about my headache and how can I share them with my physician?
A: You can print your reports and take them to your office visit or you can email them to your physician (if they accept patient emails). If your physician has registered for iHeadache MD then you can share your iHeadache data with him or her. Click here to learn more about this feature. Once you have logged into iHeadache Online then go to the Profile tab and click of healthcare professionals who have signed up for iHeadache MD and see if your doctor is registered.

Q: How do I contact support?
A: Please use our online form if you need help, have discovered a bug, would like to suggest some enhancements or regarding any other issues.

Q: Why doesn't iHeadache track sinus headaches?
A: In the SUMMIT study, the largest medical study on sinus headaches, 3000 patients who saw their regular physician for recurrent sinus headaches were studied. The study found that 88% of the patients who originally thought they had sinus headaches actually had migraines or probable migraines. A smaller number of them had tension headaches. Only 8 patients out of 3000 had underlying sinus disease and were having sinus headaches. Therefore, iHeadache attempts to determine if the recurrent sinus headaches meet criteria for Tension, Probable Migraine, or Migraine Headache. You can read more about sinus headaches here.

Q: Does iHeadache track cluster headaches?
A: At this time iHeadache only classifies migraines, probable migraines and tension headaches. You can use iHeadache to track the number of headaches you are having during your cluster cycle, pain level, acute treatments and preventative treatments. We reccomend that you skip the section where you enter symptoms since they do not apply to cluster headaches but note that your headaches will be labeled as "unclassified headaches".

Q: Does BetterQOL care about the medical community?
A: Yes, we have established a non-profit and a portion of our proceeds is donated to medical research. Click here to read more about The Foundation for a Better QOL.